Castelli Romani

Tour to Castelli Romani, Nemi, Ariccia and Castel Gandolfo

Castelli Romani is an area with thirteen towns around the Alban Hills, south-east of Rome. Ancient Romans went hear for rural retreat. Today it is famous for wine,strawberries and fish. This tour will take you to three small towns, Ariccia, Nemi and Castel Gandolfo.

– Nemi

Nemi is perched above Lake Nemi. The emperor Caligula went here for retreat. He used to sail on the lake but after his fall all his boats sunk in the lake. In 1930 Mussolini salvaged them and today their hulls can be viewed at the town’s museum “Museo delle Navi Romane”.
Nemi is a small town famous for the local “fragoline di bosco” wild strawberries. In the summer a festival is held in town where you can eat strawberries distributed by locals wearing traditional customs.

– Ariccia

This small town is famous for the roasted pork known as “Porchetta”, something you should try in one of the many “Fraschette”, small informal del-type taverns. Take a walk around the sloping alley that goes from the Palazzo Chigi down below the city walls.

– Castel Gandolfo

Castel Gandolfo is famous for the Pope summer residence with a spectacular view of the lake Albano. The town is known for the beauty of the surrounding nature. The Papal Palace is right on the main square. You can take a visit and see the Papal portrait gallery with paintings going back to 1503. You can visit the pope’s private bedroom and many treasures as the papal throne. Don’t miss the beautiful gardens known as the Barberini Gardens, full of plants and sculpted fountains. You can also visit the Pope’s farm that produces cheeses, eggs, Pecorino, cauliflower and much more. You will also vineyards and orchards and the very old olive-trees.



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