Castelli Romani

The Castelli Romani due their name to the presence of at least a noble mansion in each of them and even if some of these mansions were destroyed during past historical events, their ruins are still witnessing the feudal origin of this zone.

Viticulture grew gradually in this area thanks to the periodical distribution of pieces of land among war veterans (starting from those who participated to the Lepanto’s battle and arriving to the ex-servicemen of the First World War), who utilised their modest estates to create a production for a private consume and a more intense one for the local market. Even if belonging to an ancient tradition, the cultivation of vineyards in the Castelli Romani’s area, knew a great development with the building growth in Rome, as it determined a gradual destruction of the wine estates which once, during the pontifical period, were within the city itself; these were the so called ‘terreni casalini’; vineyards with plants growing on ancient house ruins, very famous for the quality of their production.

Castelli Romani’s agricultural production, that was already well-known for its vegetables and fruits (broccolis of Albano, peaches of Castel Gandolfo, cabbages and artichokes of Velletri) began to focalize on wine-making, planting at an early stage different types of vines with fruits both to produce wine and to eat. Their importance has left a spur in the large pergola along the Via Appia Nuova, in the place still named Uva di Roma. Later on viticulture specialized basically in the production of grapes for wine in specific vineyards.

The Castelli Romani’s vineyards go from the valley to the slopes of the hills in that places where the mechanized cultivation is still possible. The vineyards situated on the slopes are surrounded by olive groves, which create a silvery frame to them.

Tour from Rome to Castelli Romani – Rome The price is inclusive for up to 8 people for up to 6 hours.
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