Amalfi coast

One of the most enchanting tourist destination in the world is Amalfi Coast, there is the possibility to admire the wonders of this area and reach it through our organized excursions. The first stop is Atrani. Atrani is the ancient centre of the University of the Duchi to the time of the Republic duffle-coast of Amalfi.. In Atrani you can visit the seafaring village , the Carmine church where there is a Christ’s nativity of the seven hundred century. After Atrani there is Minori.famous for its Villa Romana, and also Vietri land of ceramics. Our tour include also Ravello, .it is one of the most delightful place in Italy, it is the city loved by Wagner, Ravello’s cathedral is famous for its bronze door; in Italy there are only about two dozen bronze doors and the one on the Cathedral of Ravello is one of the most important. From the square to the cathedral there is the access to one of the most famous building of the world: Villa Rufolo. Along the road we reach Villa Cimbrone. The spectacular Belvedere of Infinity from which the view sweeps wide to take in a panorama is considered ‘the most beautiful in the world’. As far as your eyes can see from Atrani to Salerno until Paestum, there are important architectural monuments of Greek and Roman period. In particulary there are three great temples two of order doric and one ionic, which represent the best styles.

Don’t lost this show ! Continuing we Find Praiano and Positano. The second beach that we meet is the pearl of Amalfi Coast. The colors, the white of buildings, forming a perfect canvas for the flowers which decorate the houses and the small artisans. The cloths and materials used by local artisans are an essential part of Moda Positano. From Positano you reach Montepertuso from which you enjoy a panoramic sight on Positano. If you decide to choose our tour by private limousine, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Tour from Rome to Amalfi Coast – Rome The price is inclusive for up to 8 people for up to 12 hours
Sightseeing may vary according to requests

up to 3 people (Mercedes) 550 euro
up to 5 people ( Mercedes van) 650 euro
up to 8 people ( Mercedes van) 750 euro



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